Who am I ?

I am a psychologist-sexologist practicing psychotherapy with Cognitive Behavioural Techniques (CBT) using an inspiration based on Carl Rogers’ humanist psychology known as the Person Centred Approach (PCA).

I offer support for adults, family and couples going through life transitions that may require a third party to help them cope and understand these transitions.
Each person has within themselves the resources to address and overcome the challenges they face. Long or short psychotherapies allow to discover and mobilise these difficulties in order to adjust invasive and complex moments in a sustainable way. Person-centred therapy allows each individual to develop their potential as well as functional and adapted resources. Psychologist

«I have come to feel that the only learning which significantly influences behaviour is self-discovered, self-appropriated learning…» C.Roger (1967: 276-277)

As a psychotherapist I work with adults for:

  • Management of emotions and a more functional communication of them.
  • Stress management – particularly in relation to work and burn-out.
  • Time management and time optimization (problems of procrastination etc…).
  • Preparation for childbirth.
  • Support in the process of medically assisted procreation (MAP).
  • Traumatic grief.
  • Discovery and mobilization of resources (understanding how I work etc…).

Furthermore, as a sex therapist, I propose;

  • Individual therapy for; vaginismus, dyspareunia, erectile dysfunction, performance anxiety, desire disorders, sexual addiction, porn addiction.
  • Solution-oriented couple therapy – for monogamous couples, open couples – polyamorous free relationships
  • Accompaniment the couple in the process of medically assisted procreation (MAP)