Who I am ?

I have over 20 years of experience working with families, children, and young people from different backgrounds and countries.

As a trained professional family coach and educator, I will support and guide your family through everyday challenges.

Throughout our journey together, I will provide research-based information, tools, and tips to improve your educational skills with encouragement, compassion, and positivity.

In a non-judgmental space, we will identify practical strategies and solutions to your unique needs so that you can grow as a person, partner, parent and ultimately reach your end goals.

More specifically, I can help you:

  • Resolve parental issues;
  • Resolve family and marital conflicts;
  • Deal with difficult behavior;
  • Address work/life balance;
  • Cope with life after separation or divorce;
  • Work on acceptance and commitment;
  • Heal family and relationship traumas;
  • Work on your life goals as well as your family goals;
  • Better manage your stress and anxiety;
  • Special needs children and teens.

La prévention de la colère

Les TCC travaillent sur la prévention de la colère en aidant les individus à anticiper les situations ou les déclencheurs potentiels et à développer des stratégies pour les gérer de manière proactive.

En résumé, les Thérapies Cognitives et Comportementales (TCC) offrent un cadre efficace pour gérer la colère de manière saine. Elles aident à comprendre les schémas de pensée liés à la colère, à développer des compétences pour la gestion émotionnelle, à améliorer la communication, et à prévenir les explosions de colère.